Ainsworth's have been dealing with noise problems now for over 30 years and have gained much knowledge about materials as well as solutions to problems. We remain competitive because we provide an all in service, from enquiry we can ascertain your problem, advise the solution and carry out the work. This would cost three times as much by using specialists in each individual area but we combine the cost ensuring that we remain the most competitive.

We tackle any noise problem from:

Domestic - Noisy neighbours / Noisy flats / impact sound problems / external noise / musicians


Industrial - Noisy machines / offices / shops / pubs & clubs / leisure centres / halls / vehicles / marine

We keep up to date with the best materials and installation practices for walls, ceilings, floors, enclosures, louvres etc.

We even manufacture many of our own materials which have been tested and installed with great results.

Surveys are also provided from personal interest right through to assistance where noise abatement orders have been enforced.

You can choose to just buy the materials and use your own skills or employ that of others, we still provide you with all the advice required.

E-mail us now with your enquiry and see how Ainsworth's are the best and most competitive company for noise problems.

Dave Rickard
Acoustic Contracts Manager
Two of our Acoustic Installers